A Guide To The Different Pros And Cons Of Grey Oaks Luxury Golf Homes

Until almost a decade a year ago, retirement homes located near golf courses were considered prime pieces of real estate. In fact, it was almost guaranteed that the value of the property would rise and you would see a return on investment. However, recent reports have shown that there has been a steady decline in the luxury golf community market. According to Golf magazine, the age of the golf course is over with the amount of overbuilding on the properties causing a decrease in the number of people playing the sport.

Fortunately, with the bad news comes some good news. Despite the decline of golf players, the number of course owners is beginning to redirect their focus to another community and work with homebuilders to form new estates. Currently, it is a buyer’s market; however, it is important to take various considerations into account before making any commitments. This article will provide information on the different pros and cons to owning  Grey Oaks  luxury golf homes.

What Are The Different Benefits To A Luxury Golf Home?

1. A Good Environment

The primary attraction of living near golf courses is the environment. Imagine stepping outside and being able to view clusters of green trees, rolling green pastures, ponds, fountains, lakes, and the occasional wild animal from your porch. Many people will consider this option as idyllic, and as new developers start to employ sustainment maintenance practice, it is less costly than before. In previous years, fertilizer runoff and pesticides were an issue because of the large water used for irrigation, but this trend is one that is being removed with the new ‘green’ movement.

2. Prestige

If you are among the numerous homebuyers who believe in buying property to make an impression, then purchasing Grey Oaks luxury golf homes is ideal for your needs. Based on the exclusivity of golf courses, purchasing a home near a golf course comes with the additional prestige as part of its ownership. Many people believe that waterfront property is prestigious, but one near golf courses is even more sophisticated. In fact, golf estate properties are often associated with celebrities; therefore, buying one will place you in a class that is reserved for the wealthy if not celebrities.

3. A Degree Of Privacy

One of the greatest advantages of living on the border of a golf course is the degree of privacy it offers. Based on the fact that you are located on an open field, you will not have to look at other residents’ homes; therefore, there will not be any people looking into your home. Along with the privacy comes a great deal of quiet, which is ideal if you do not like loud noises and are not a fan of bright lights. Quiet, private, and dark is the name of the game if you purchase luxury golf homes.

What Are The Cons To Purchasing Luxury Golf Homes?

1. The Noise

Despite the golfing estate being silent at night, the landscaping of the course begins early; therefore, you will need to deal with a din of lawn mowers around sunrise. This means you will not be able to sleep in unless you can sleep with noise outside the property. Moreover, you will need to deal with passing golf carts throughout the day, and, dependent on how close you live to the holes, you may hear some talking drift towards your home. It is recommended that you ask a home inspector to assess these issues, as well as to ask current residents about problems with noise.

2. Wayward Golf Shots

In many cases, you will need to deal with the occasional wayward shot that could find its way to your property. If a person hits the ball the wrong way, you could find yourself being disturbed or have your home damaged (broken windows or paintwork damage). It is also possible that wayward shots can cause injury to your children or yourself; therefore, it is recommended that you consider this fact before purchasing a luxury golf shot.

3. The HOA Restrictions

While living in a luxury golf home can be enjoyable, it is important to note that there are strict regulations that apply to the community and you must familiarize yourself with these HOA restrictions beforehand. In fact, you might find yourself in trouble with the law if you do not understand or adhere to the regulations. For example, certain golf courses will have regulations against putting up nets or constructing barriers between your property and the course. It is also possible that you cannot walk through the course with your golf clubs in tow, and you need to be aware of this issue. Always read the fine print before purchasing a property!

Final Words

Owning a Grey Okas luxury golf home can be enjoyable, but there are benefits and drawbacks to taking into consideration. Using the information above, you can determine whether or not a golf course property is suited to your needs.